Weecare is a value-added service designed for the health industry. Hospital can sell this value-added service to the patients or their family. One of the common issues among patients is that they forget to take medicines on assigned schedules, especially senior patients. Some patients do not have a person who will remind them to take the meds when it’s time. So, if the hospital reminds the patients by a scheduled recorded voice call to take their medicine when it is time then it ensures more responsibility of the hospital towards patients. Patient himself/herself or anyone from his family can buy this service for the patient from the hospital.


  • Resources (e.g., time, man hour) will be saved due to the automated process
  • The overall service quality will be viewed by the consumers as much better than before after the addition of weecare.
  • Number of patients will increase
  • New patients can be easily turned into permanent consumers due to the increased value proposition.
  • Hospitals can take care of their patients even when they are at home.
  • Patients will grow an emotional attachment towards the hospitals.


  • Scheduled call with recorded voice
  • Scheduled SMS
  • Customer Feedback and Scheduling
  • Scheduled email
  • Instant call
  • Instant SMS
  • Instant email

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