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At Sigma Solutions, we provide a diverse range of services including app development, banking solutions, e-commerce, cloud solutions, API development, digital content management, ML & AI, maintenance and upgrades, and project management. Our team is highly versatile and capable of adapting to the unique needs of each project, delivering innovative solutions that meet the exact requirements of our clients. Our team is also known for its excellent communication skills, ensuring that all parties are kept informed throughout the project lifecycle. We take pride in our ability to work effectively as a team, leveraging our collective expertise to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. Our commitment to delivering the highest standard of service quality is evident in our track record of successful projects, which consistently exceed client expectations.

What we do best

App Development

We develop cross-platform, scalable and efficient apps utilizing cutting-edge technologies like React, React Native, Flutter, Java and Kotlin that are compatible with most devices.


In a world full of uncertainties and unexpecting waves, we offers comprehensive AI services that help companies build intelligent workflows, drastically boost productivity, and reduce costs.


We have the knowledge and tools to support your business by developing robust and scalable e-commerce platforms with the help of latest technologies.

Cloud Solution

Our applications are cutting-edge secure, accessible from any device (PC, tablet, or mobile), simple to use, attractive, and scalable rich enterprise applications (REA) in an online cloud environment.

Banking Solution

By embracing the latest technologies, we build customized banking solutions and dedicated software to leverage your unique banking & financial business needs.

Digital Content

Our service makes it possible to incorporate content into your business operations and offers features for unstructured data collection, document management, process automation, and workflows.


We develop scalable, highly available, thoroughly documented and developer friendly APIs maintaining best standards of authentication, authorization and error-reporting to enable you and your partner to build on top with ease and swiftness.

Maintenance & Upgrades

We continue to provide support to our developed products and on-demand services to our partners. We maintain proper debug and error logging so it's easier to reproduce the error, debug and fix it.

project management

You can rely on us to steer your project in the right direction and get the greatest results from start to finish using Agile project management methodologies.

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